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Palma Arte Gallery, Italia

Director: Marcello Palma


Madness, utter madness this idea of Marcello Palma to transform a XVII century barn , close to Padana, into a house for modern art. Imagine: in the beginning there was this barn in bad condition, now there is a great gallery, a space for the artists, Marcello Palma discovered during his 20 years experienced acquired (with over 120) International Art Fairs around the world. Some say that this is an undertaking without a future. But Palma had this dream he now realised in 5 years time; cleaning old bricks one after the other, recuperating and saving beautiful old wooden structures creating spaces in the foof, mounting large windows in the openings ofreseen formerly to enter the straw. The result is an extraordinary and unique space. A perfect misture of vast exhibition space for discussion, exchange and reflexion. Thus was born Palma Arte a special gallery different from others between shop and "saloon; the traditional space for public exhibitions and the more private one of confession. Outside one can find the happening and teh show space. Beside the 360 m interior there is the gardenspace, the court and the portico.

The tenants of Palma Arte are the works of some 50 painters, sculptures, engravers- figurative and abstract shown on the two stories of the center. Italians, most of them better know abroad.

Centro Culturale
E Galleria Palma Arte
Strada del Castelletto 18
Localita Saliceto
-29010 Alseno (PC) Italia
Tel.: 0039 0523940
Fax: 0039 0523940162